World Board Election


This World Conference, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association is particularly excited as we have nominated our MO's first ever candidate to run for the World Board 2021-2026 — Antonia Yip. Let's read on and know more about Antonia and her aspirations.


Three Top Reasons Why Antonia is Worth Your Vote



Name Antonia Yip
Occupation Senior Research Assistant at the University of Hong Kong
Current volunteer positions at HKGGA
  • Vice Chair of WAGGGS Advocacy Team
  • Assistant Trainer
Current volunteer positions at WAGGGS
  • Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) Mentors Assistant
  • Member of Volunteer Resource Pool
International experience (extract)
  • Planning Team Member of Young Women's Pre-event at 35th World Conference 2014 (Hong Kong)
  • Deputy Camp Commandant of International and China Liaison Team at HKGG Centenary International Camp 2016 (Hong Kong)
  • Young Delegate at 36th World Conference 2017 (India)
  • Facilitator at Roverway 2018 (The Netherlands)
  • International Service Team Member at 13th Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019 (Taiwan)
  • Facilitator at Juliette Low Seminar 2019 (The USA)
  • CAT Mentors Assistant (5 WAGGGS Regions)
To know more about Antonia
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Hello everyone! I am Antonia.


The Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting movement has impacted me since I was 10 and now I'm 29. Growing up from a rather rigid education system, I have experienced how the Girl Guide and Girl Scout non-formal educational method unleashes my potential. I still recall my secondary school life when my peers received academic awards at prize giving ceremonies. I was not particularly outstanding in that aspect, but I did receive certificates from school directors for my contribution and service through being a Girl Guide. I was glad that I have chosen to join Guiding and stayed active in this global family in these 19 years.


Guiding gives everyone more than expected. My friends and colleagues often ask me why I am still involved in Guiding at my age, considering that it is for younger girls only. Indeed, I feel grateful that this Movement has provided me with a lot of opportunities and experiences locally, regionally and internationally. It is a global movement that has given me insights and broadened my horizon. When I look back, I always find that this Movement has bettered me through different programmes and occasions. “Be-prepared” is also my motto in my everyday life, during which I keep equipping myself for future opportunities.


Now I am prepared to step up and make an impact on this Movement by serving on the World Board.


Why do I want to be a World Board member?

First, I am deeply impressed by Motion 32. I still vividly remember the joy and excitement of the young delegates who put forward the motion in India, and that got me to think, as a young woman myself, I can do something as well. I firmly believe that the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement is a movement for and by the youth. It is critical to involve young women in the decision-making level. As a passionate young woman nurtured and equipped by Guiding, I feel the urge to challenge myself and take one step further to contribute to the Movement.

Also, I am motivated by the mentors I have met in my Guiding journey. For instance, while organising the Centenary International Camp for my MO, I felt supported when I took up the position of Deputy Camp Commandant for International and China Liaison. I was the youngest Deputy in the committee, but there was always a mentor for me to seek advice. These mentors are the role models whom I look up to while I develop my own skills and competence. Through the process of learning from their valuable experience and wisdom, I feel empowered and confident to take up key positions in my MO as well as the wider Guiding community.


My future goals

If I am elected as a World Board member, I hope to


  1. Carry on with the consultation with MOs. Two-way communication is the key to ensuring that the Board and MOs work hand in hand to achieve the common vision. The Board will need to look for alternative ways to reach out to the MOs which have not yet responded to previous consultation in order to make sure that all voices are heard and taken into consideration. Initial steps include understanding the constraints faced by MOs (e.g internet connection, language, time zone, etc.) and finding the best possible way to connect with MOs.
  2. Ensure sufficient time is given to MOs to adapt and localise WAGGGS resources so as to cater for cultural diversity. Having the experience of translating and disseminating WAGGGS resources for my MO, I realise that sometimes the resources are made available too late, and the embargoed version is not always readily available. It is therefore important that the Board will support MOs to make the resources more accessible and responsive to the girls and young women within and beyond the Movement in a timely manner. For example, tools or framework can be provided to guide MOs through the adaptation or localisation process; more opportunities and space are created for MOs to exchange ideas and good practices.
  3. Initiate that the Global Team can serve as a role model in providing more opportunities for young women engagement. The Board has made a positive move in advocating an increase in the number of young women in the Board and Regional Committees, but that has yet to be implemented in other levels of the Global Team, such as volunteer pool, working groups and sub-committees. Guidelines on recruiting young volunteers on the global level can be provided to ensure that young women will have the opportunity to engage meaningfully in the work and learn from experienced members before they take the lead.

What can members of HKGGA do to support Antonia?

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  2. Update your profile picture on Facebook with the "I support Antonia from HKGGA for WBframe.
Last Update Date: 2021-07-28