Ranger Uniform Guidelines 

(Information extracted from “Handbook on Uniform” and “Ranger Handbook”)

1. Basic Uniform

1.1 The Ranger Uniform consists of the following items:



Sea Ranger

Air Ranger






(with belt loops)



Hat Badge

Unit Tape2

Shoulder Badge

Deep Green

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Scarf 3


Whistle and Lanyard

Promise Badge2

World Badge

Sock / Stockings4,5


Black Shoes covering the toes

Black Shoes covering the toes

Black Shoes with heels

The above items could be purchased at the Guide Shop

1. From 1st September 2005, the Ranger blouse and skirt can be tailor-made at designated tailor shops. Please contact the Guide Shop at 2332 4033 for information.
2. The Unit Tape and Promise Badge can be obtained from the Unit Guider.
3. The scarf does not need to pass through the shoulder epaulettes.
4. Rangers can decide to wear either knee-high white socks or stockings for all the Unit Members; Sea Rangers must wear knee-high white socks ; Air Rangers must wear stockings.
5. These items can be prepared by the member herself.


1.2 The Ranger Outdoor Uniform consists of the following items:

  • Official short or long-sleeved polo shirt
  • Navy blue or black trousers or school’s sports trousers. (There is no restriction on the length of trousers when participating in sea water activities)


1.3 The hair can be tied up with black or navy blue hair accessories.


1.4 The jacket must be black or navy blue in colour. Rangers can also wear their school jacket.


1.5 The Association believes that all girls and adults are to be respected regardless of their physical condition, race, religion or nationality. They can all join as members and participate in Guiding activities.
In order to encourage uniform members who have special needs in terms of their outfit while participating in Guiding activities, we provide the below guidelines for those members:

  • Members can raise an application for special outfit needs to her own Unit Guider.
  • The Unit Guider should take the necessity, simplicity, and unity factors into consideration when approving the application.
  • The Unit Guider then informs the District Commissioner in written for record and future reference.


2. Wearing of the Ranger Uniform and Insignia


2.1 How to wear insignia

Left Chest
1. World Badge
2. WAGGGS Educational Programme Badges
3. HKGGA Awards
   e.g. Ranger Bauhinia Badge Award or Award from Guides section6
       Outstanding Girl Guide Award

4. Other Awards (permitted by the Association)
e.g. AYP Gold, Silver and Bronze Award6

5. Ranger Star6

Right Chest
1. HKGGA Commemorative Badges (should be worn only within the period specified by HKGGA)
2. Outstanding Unit Award

Left Sleeve
1. Unit Tape
2. Guide Wing

Right Sleeve
1. Shoulder Badge

Left Shoulder Epaulette
1. Ranger Shoulder Tab with Progress Badge6
2. Qualifications
e.g. Canoe Permit, Canoe Charge Permit

Right Shoulder Epaulette
1. Ranger Shoulder Tab with Progress Badge6

Remark: 6. Only the highest level badges should be worn

Last Update Date: 2023-06-26