The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant – “Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Project” Community Care Ambassador Badge

Community Care Ambassador Badge



The Introduction of the project

The response of Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Ambassador Badge was overwhelming. Over 12,000 Guides have been awarded the Badge to become Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Ambassadors. To enhance Girl Guides’community awareness, this Project now introduces another badge— the “Community Care Ambassador (CCA) Badge”. By realising their potentials while fulfilling the requirements of this Badge, Guides will hopefully develop a sense of belonging towards the community.


How to earn the Community Care Ambassador Badge?

The syllabus of the CCA Badge consists of four aspects: Individual, School/Sponsoring Authority, Headquarters and Community. There are goals to achieve in each aspect. To cater for the needs of members of different sections, the syllabus of each section varies. Guides can fulfill the requirements of the syllabus with the assistance of Guiders. They should complete the logbook when the goals are met. Guiders/Leaders of each Unit can help members to earn CCA Badge with reference of Unit meeting activities in the Training Kit. Guides who have completed all requirements in the syllabus and have had their logbooks signed by Guiders / Leaders will then be awarded a CCA Badge.


Where can you wear the Community Care Ambassador Badge?

Happy Bees can sew their badge on the right sleeve of the uniform.

Brownies and Guides can sew their badge at the back of the sash.

Rangers, Golden Guides and Guiders/Leaders can wear the pin on the right chest of the Uniform.


How long can you wear the Community Care Ambassador Badge?


The CCA badge can be worn until 31 December 2020.


Logbook (Printed version/Electronic version)

Logbook (Printed version) is limited. It is on a first come, first served basis while stocks last.

Guiders/Leaders may download logbooks in electronic version on and after 8 Oct 2018. 

Please remind that the logbook (Printed version) for Brownie section is out of stock.

Logbook (Electronic version) will be uploaded on 8 October 2018. Welcome to download the electronic version from the CCA Badge website.



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Where to pick up  Logbooks (Printed version) 

  1.  Pick up in CCA badge workshop (Priority Pick-up)

The Guiders/Leaders who attend the CCA Badge workshop would pick up the logbooks of their section . Please write down the requested quantity of the logbooks on the  workshop application form and it will be dispatched during the workshop.


  1. Pick up at HQ or any HKGG Activities centers

The logbook application form is available on and after 8 October 2018 at the CCA badge website.  Please complete and return the Form to the Affiliated Members Department by email to or fax: 23325156. After received the application, a email notification will be sent to the Guiders/Leaders within two weeks. Guiders/Leaders must bring the email notification to pick up the logbooks in the designated period at the HKGG Activities centers as you request. 


How to collect the CCA Badge

When the Guides completed the logbooks, Guiders/Leaders need to fill in a questionaire and the CCA Badge Application form to Affiliated Members Department . Then, the CCA Badges will be delivered by post within two weeks after revceived the application form.  A notification email will be sent to the Guiders/Leaders afterwards .



CCA Badge Logbook Application Form

CCA Badge Application Form




  • Email to or

  • Please contact our staff of the Affiliated Members Department:

Project Assistant—Mr. Patrick Lam Tel.: 2359 6886

Project Assistant—Ms. Gigi Lau      Tel.: 2359 6887


Last Update Date: 2018-10-09