Helena May English Conversation Badge




With the support from the Helena May, “The Helena May English Conversation Badge” was designed to encourage our members on the ability and skill to communicate in English.


The assessment would be conducted Brownies and Guides by Assessors from the Helena May. The first assessment was held in 2008.  Participants who completed the assessment would be presented with an attendance certificate.  Assessor would comment in written report for participants’ future reference.


Normally the assessment would be held in March every year. Please pay attention to the news from our website for the next assessment date.


The Syllabus (for Brownie and Guide Sections)


There are two parts at this Assessment:
A.      Skill Set: Interactive skills : – confidence, assertive as opposed to tongue tied and shy. Lively.

B.     Language skills: Vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, creativity.



1. HK transport. How did you get here?

2. The Helena May – impressions and observations.

3. Guide programme – The badges the Guides or Brownies have gained as they will be attending in uniform.

4. Wish list.  If they could have five wishes – what would they be and why?

5. Food in Hong Kong


Plus Two unknown: This may be a photograph or a picture OR an object which is a conversation starter.


From Photos or object to general conversation.

  • The photograph, picture or object is a starting point for a general conversation.
  • Girl Guides be able to talk about their interests and enthusiasms.
  • Girl Guides should be able to give reasons for their views.
  • Girl Guides are encouraged to elicit views from their partner and to show an interest in what their partner has to say.
  • It would be fine for asking the assessor or other Guide or Brownie to repeat a question.


Girl Guides will be assessed on their language skills and not on their personality, intelligence or knowledge of the world.  They need to be well prepared for this and to use appropriate language.  They are strongly discouraged from using prepared rehearsed speeches.


The Badge

Could be worn on the back of the sash



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Last Update Date: 2023-02-13