Olympia Badge 2020

Welcome to “Olympia Badge 2020” ​

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020 originally. Due to the pandemic, it will be postponed for a year. Yet, we can still continue the spirit of Olympic by learning more about it and getting ready for the coming Olympic and Paralympic Games. 2020 is also a special year for the Girl Scouts of Japan as it marks the centenary celebrations of the Association. To celebrate together and help Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world learn more about the Olympic Games, the Girl Scouts of Japan developed this activity pack and are proud to share it with our sisters and brothers in the Movement.


The Olympia Badge is a sports-oriented activity pack to help Girl Guides/Girl Scouts grow, develop and learn about the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the culture of the host country.


By taking part in these activities, you will:

  • Challenge yourself to ‘do your best’ – which is something that athletes and Girl Guides/Girl Scouts have in common!
  • Learn about Japan; its culture and sporting heritage;
  • Experience the excitement of Olympic and Paralympic sports;
  • Prepare like an athlete through physical, spiritual and cultural activities; and
  • Understand how the Olympic Games bring countries together.


Activity types

Stadium (Body)​

Represents the holistic development of the human body. It is linked with the mental effort to acquire skills and fitness as well as an appreciation of both the environment and ourselves. The activities relate to practicing sports and developing the body.


Temple (Mind)

Represents the spiritual dimension of our existence, the development of the mind, and the acceptance of other people’s minds and ideas. The activities relate to the spirit of the Games and their history, values, and symbols.


Theatre (Cultural) ​

Represents the balanced development of our soul, our cultural and emotional self-respect and tolerance. The activities relate to Japanese traditional culture.


Earn Your Olympia Badge​

To earn the Olympia Badge, members should complete the appropriate number of activities for their age, as listed below.  

Note: This is only a guide; please adapt to fit the age divisions of your Association. We encourage you to choose a good balance of physical, mental and cultural activities.


Note: Each member can only redeem one badge. For example, if you complete 10 activities and redeem the gold level badge, you cannot redeem the Sliver and Bronze ones.


Brownie, Guide and Ranger Section


9 or above activities

(Complete 3 activities from each type)



6 or above activities

(Complete 2 activities from each type)



3 or above activities

(Complete 1 activities from each type)


Appointed Guiders may collect Cloth Badge from HQs and award to their members who have completed the Olympia Badge 2020 Challenges, by completing the Badge Collection Form and submit by post, fax, email or in person to the HKGGA Programme Department (8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon).

The cloth badge could be worn on the front of the sash as souvenir badge.


Dowload the Badge Collection Form: (Word format / PDF format)


Upon completion, please fill in the feedback form, following this link: bit.ly/WAGGGS-OlympiaBadgeFeedback

Share your achievements with WAGGGS society on social media #OlympiaWAGGGS.


Download the Olympia Badge 2020 Activity Pack to learn more!

"Olympia Badge 2020" Activity Pack can be used from now through to the next Olympiad (2024).



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Last Update Date: 2020-05-08