New Territories Regional Association— Tap Mun Jiu Festival Exploration and Guided Person Training

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Hong Kong Girl Guides Association New Territories Regional Assocation

Tap Mun Jiu Festival Exploration and Guided Person Training


Aim  :


Through the decennial Jiu Festival in Tap Mun, we hope to provide chances for the Girl Guides, Regional Association and District Association members to recognize the Festival, and promote the traditional culture of New Territories community.

Qualification  :

Rangers, Guiders, Commissioners, Regional Association/District Association members

*Priority admission for applicants who could be the guides at 26/04/2019
 (Quota of guides: 5)




Tap Mun


To learn the traditional culture Jiu Festival and visit Tap Mun attractions (Lunch is included)

Meeting time & place:

9:00a.m. at University Station (Exit B)

Details  :

9:00             Registration

9:10-10:00   Take travel bus to Sai Kung Wong Shek Pier

10:00           Take Ferry to Tap Mun

10:30-12:00 Guided Tour, explore Tap Mun

12:00-13:30 Enjoy a vegetarian feast(*Sponsored by Mr David Ho, Chairman of NTRA)

13:30-15:30 Self-Visiting

15:30           Activity end (Returned to the University Station at around 5p.m.)

(*The time may be fine-tuned according to the arrangement of that day)


$50/person (Fees including transportation, meal and visit were subsidized by New Territories Regional Association)


55 persons

Dress code:

Uniform members: Outdoor Uniform
Regional Association/District Association Members: Casual Wear


29/3/2019(Friday)(In first come first served basis)

For any enquiries, please contact 2359 6843 (Ice Fong) or 2359 6869 (Irene Chung)




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