Hong Kong Girl Guides Annual Parade - Parade Groups -- Acceptance Name List

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The Hong Kong Girl Guides Annual Parade will be held on 29th January, 2022 at the Mong Kok Stadium.  We are now inviting the following parties to join us:

1)   Training Team --- Representatives of Training Team (coordinated by the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Training))
2)   Golden Guide --- 10 Golden Guide Groups (with maximum 10 Golden Guides per Group)
3)   Happy Bee Hives --- 20 Happy Bee Hives (with maximum 2 Leaders and 8 Happy Bees per Hive)
4)   Friends of AP --- Representatives of Friends of AP (coordinated by the chairman)
5)   Trefoil Guild --- Representatives of Trefoil Guild (coordinated by the chairman)
6)   Special Units ---10 Units ( with maximum of 2 Guiders and 8 girls per Unit)
7)   RAs/DAs --- Representative of RAs/DAs (coordinated by the chairman)

Remarks :
1. Registration are in first come first serve basis.
2. Remarks All persons (except exemptions) are required to show the Rapid Agntigen Test (RAT) photo to the staff when enter to the site.

Training Team/ Golden Guides/ Happy Bee Hives/ Friends of AP/ Trefoil Guild/ Special Units
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Acceptance Name List in Chinese

Deadline: 23-12-2022


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Deadline: 13-1-2023

Enquiries: 2359 6873 Miss Charmaine Yu

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