Brownies Competition 2024

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The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
Brownies Competition 2024

  • Develop brownie potential and enhance team spirit.
  • Each participant will have a chance to show their potential in different area under all FUNNY GAMES!
Date: 13th April 2023 (Sat)
Preliminary Round: 10:30am -12:00nn (*Reporting time on 10:00am)
Final Round: 2:45pm-4:30pm (*Reporting time on 2:30am)
Venue: Headquarter, HKGGA

Preliminary Round: 10:30am -1:00pm (*Reporting time on 10:00am)
Final Round: 2:45pm-5:00pm (*Reporting time on 2:30am)

  • The event will be conducted in team-based format with preliminary and final round of competition
  • The preliminary round will be conducted by drawing lots to decide the room allocation
  • The top 12 teams with the highest scores will enter the finals, and the list of finalists will be announced on the day of the competition
  • Preliminary round: Puzzle and emblem sequencing 
  • Final round: Group intellectual mini-game.
Target: All Brownie’s unit

60 Units (*First come first serve)

  • Each unit can only send one team for the competition
  • Each team need to form a group with 4 participants and 2 backups.

Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, and also two merit awards

  • Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up will receive trophy, medals, and brownies competition trophy (*can keep for one year)
  • Merit awardees will receive certificate
Dress code Outdoor uniform (Please refer to HKGGA “Policy, Organization and Rule” for details)
Arrangement for Bad weather condition: In the circumstance that the event has to be canceled on the scheduled date, the event will be postponed to 27 Apr 2024
Remarks: Participants have to arrange their own lunch and transportation.
Application details:

Application timeline:

Item Date
Opening for application From today till 29 April 2024
  • No need to submit the participant list yet
Notification of competition rules and reminder Before 8 March 2024
  • All information will be send to the Guider’s email as provided in the application form, please ensure the email is correct and check accordingly
Submission of participant list together with “Parent Consent Form” Before 22 March 2024
  • Submission will be completed through GGMS, and the link will be sent to guiders after the application deadline
  • If the list is not submitted on time, the application will be considered failed
  1. Application is only accepted in unit basis, and must be coordinated by Guider-in-charge
  2. All participants must complete the “Parent Consent form” and submit together with the participant lists 
  3. Phone or fax application is not accepted. Incomplete application form will not be proceeded
  4. Any late submission will not be considered
  5. No change on the participants list is allowed once the list has been submitted
  6. As the participant list need to submit through GGMS, Guiders need to ensure those members are registered in units and please reserve enough time to arrange
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