Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust granted funding for the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association to establish the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre to provide more leisure and recreation activities as well as training programmes to meet the need of the Tung Chung community. 


The Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre has been starting its operation from August 14, 2018.


Membership is free of charge and there are 4 categories of members as follows:

  1. Ordinary Member: under 24 years old
  2. Parent Member: whose children under 24 years old and have registered with the Tung Chung Activity Centre as Ordinary Members
  3. Women Member: 25 years old or above
  4. Guiding Member


You are most welcome to visit the Centre and contact us.  Our Centre is situated at Shun Tung Road, Tung Chung. (Opposite to Tung Chung Swimming Pool, near CLP Tung Chung Power Station.)


Tel No. : (852) 2619 0399

Fax No.: (852) 2619 0522



Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:15am – 6:00pm

*closed on Monday and Public Holiday.







  • 一般會員:24歲或以下人士
  • 家長會員:有子女年齡介乎0-24歲 已加入成為本中心會員之家長
  • 婦女會員:25歲或以上
  • 女童軍會員





查詢電話:(852)2619 0399

傳真號碼:(852)2619 0522




星期二至星期日 上午9時15分至下午6時



Outlying Island Division
Last Update Date: 2018-08-22