HKGGA Special Announcement on Activity Arrangements - 24 Feb 2020

HKGGA Special Announcement on Activity Arrangements - 24 Feb 2020

To tie in with the government's measures in preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, and to safeguard our members' health, the Association will implement the following activity arrangements with immediate effect:


  1. 所有女童軍集會/活動,以及總會、區、分區、地方協會及分會舉行的活動及訓練將會暫停至不早於3月16日。         
    ALL Guiding activities (including unit meeting, activities and training organized by the Headquarters, Division, Districts or Regional/District Associations) will be suspended until 16 March the earliest.
  1. 女童軍總會轄下營地均暫停開放 All campsites will be closed.
  1. 香港女童軍總會天水圍何超瓊活動中心、香港女童軍總會賽馬會東涌活動中心、新界西及港島中心均只會有限度性開放,只提供隊伍交收女童軍慈善獎券用途(有關安排請參考女童軍慈善獎券通告)。
    HKGGA Tin Shui Wai Pansy Ho Activity Centre, HKGGA Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre, NTW Centre, Island Centre will only provide Raffle Tickets collection service (for details, please refer to the respective circular).  All scheduled classes will be suspended until 16 March 2020. 
  1. 香港女童軍總會位於加士居道總部大廈於2月3日至3月1日期間,維持有限度服務。
    HKGGA HQs (8, Gascoigne Road) will maintain minimum service from 3 Feb to 1 Mar 2020
  1. 如成人會員的會議必須舉行,請利用視像會議或其他方式取代面對面會議。
    Please use video conferencing or other non-face to face methods for meeting between adult members.



Should you have enquiries, please refer to the following contact information:


Department / Office / Centres

電話 Tel

電郵 Email

一般查詢 General Enquiry

2359 6800

地域發展部 Region Development

2359 6837

2359 6889

活動程序部 Educational Programme

2359 6816

訓練部 Training

2359 6803

會員發展部 / 國際及內地聯絡 / 課程登記處 Membership Development / International and China Liaison / Course Registration

2359 6824

附屬會員部 Affiliated Members

2359 6886

營地及產業部 Campsites and Properties

2359 6850

企業傳訊部 Corporate Communications

2359 6875 /

女童軍慈善獎券Girl Guides Raffles

2359 6882

財務部 Finance

2359 6856

女童軍物品專門店 Guide Shop

2359 6844

資訊科技部 Information Technologies

2359 6881

女童軍興趣章中心 Badgework Centre

2489 8080

港島中心 Island Centre

2568 8066

新界西中心 NTW Centre

2778 2199
9738 9458

天水圍何超瓊活動中心 TSW Pansy Ho Activity Centre

9738 9460

賽馬會東涌活動中心 Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre

9738 9466



We will review the situation from time to time. Any updates will be posted on the Association's website and Facebook page.


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