The Hong Kong Girl Guides 105th Anniversary Badges –Open for Sale

In celebration of the 105th anniversary of the Hong Kong Girl Guides, badge sets are now available for sale at the Guide Shop (Each set costs HK$15). Welcome to visit the shop and buy now, and continue to support the Guiding Movement!


Badge Design:262 NT PACK Tang Chi Yin

*The badge can be worn until 31st Decemeber 2021.


How to waer:


Eligible to wear on the uniform    

Where to wear

Happy Bee

Cloth Badge

On  Happy Bee Backpack

Brownie and Guide

Cloth Badge

On the front of the sash or on either sleeve of the uniform

Ranger、Golden Guide, Guider/Leader and Adult Members


On the right chest of the uniform

Last Update Date: 2021-12-07