Super Brownie Award / Lady Jane's Guide Award / Chief Commissioner's Guide Award / Ranger Bauhinia Badge for presentation at HKGGA Award Presentation

An Award Presentation Ceremony will be held (Date and time to be confirmed) for presentation of 2022 Super Brownie Award / Lady Jane's Guide Award / Chief Commissioner's Guide Award / Ranger Bauhinia Badge.  Girl wishes to be awarded in the ceremony, please submit your application on or before 30 November 2022 (Wednesday) to the Programme Department.


Applicants are also required to complete the requirements of the concerned award before the birthday of the required age for the award, and submit the application within 3 months after their birthday.


Due to the suspension for most of the activities during the Guiding Year of 2019-2020, the Management Committee has approved the following special arrangement for members who supposed to complete the requirements for the Award with the original deadline between 1 June 2019 and 31 December 2021, on 22 April 2020 and 26 August 2020.

More details: (Update)Special Arrangement on Deadline of Super Brownie Award, Lady Jane's Guide Award, Chief Commissioner's Guide Award and Ranger Bauhinia Badge Award


Further enquiries please contact Ms. Sze Wong at 2359 6816.


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Last Update Date: 2022-11-09