Launching of Girl Guides Management System (GGMS)

Girl Guides Management System (GGMS)


We are excited to announce that The Girl Guides Information Management System (GGMS) is now being launched. The brand-new Management System can be accessed through the Internet.  Members can view and update their personal information and unit information, as well as to register activities and courses anytime and anywhere.


GGMS-OCRS will be going to replace the existing Online Course Registration System(OCRS).  All GGMS users can directly log in to GGMS and sign up for eligible courses and activities in the GGMS-OCRS platform.  In order to allow members to register into SYP 2021 courses/activities in sufficient manner, it is highly recommended that Guiders/Leaders to add Members as GGMS members.  For details, please refer to the Note for Guider/Leader , points 4 to 9.


All appointed Adult Members have their own GGMS Accounts*.  All different roles are put under same GGMS Account.  Login Information could be obtained by the following steps: 

1.    Please click "Forgot Password" on the Login Screen
2.    Enter your email address which registered with the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association in the following screen form. 
3.    You will receive the temporary password via email if the email address is correct
4.    If you have not received any email from GGMS, please try another email address or contact us

Please note that you can use your email address or membership number to log in every time when you log in to your account.  

(Please click here for details)


You can learn about the various functions and features of GGMS through short Training videos:

1st Episode
Login Page

2nd Episode
Dashboard/ Role / General Introduction

3rd Episode
Profile / OCRS / Forms Introduction
4th Episode
Role as Commissioner
5th Episode - I
Guider/Leader to add existing members and invite new members
5th Episode - II
Role as Guider/Leader
6th Episode
Existing Girl Member / Happy Bee / Golden Guide invited by Guider/Leader to join GGMS
7th Episode
Role as Badge Secretary
8th Episode
Role as Badge Assessor
9th Episode
(Non-member) register as HKGGA Member
10th Episode
GGMS-OCRS Account Registration


You may attend the following Hands-on Sessions (Please enroll via:

Date: 1. 8th April 2021 (Thursday)
2. 16th April, 2021 (Friday)
3. 26th April, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 4:00pm  – 5:30pm 
Format: Online session (Microsoft Teams)


You could check out the GGMS webpage for more information.


If you have any questions or difficulties in using the system, please send your questions and your contact to or contact Region Development Staff on 2332-5523.


*Remarks: GGMS Accounts for existing Girl Guide Members, Golden Guides & Happy Bee to be added by Guiders/Leaders in GGMS.  For details, please refer to the Training Video (Episode 5-I & 6)

Last Update Date: 2021-04-01