Green Monday Ambassador Programme

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Green Monday Ambassador Programme

About Green Monday

Green Monday is a social enterprise group that promotes and enables green, healthy and sustainable living. It is not about converting people to vegetarianism, nor does it require a drastic or overnight lifestyle change or a huge time commitment. Green Monday educates the public how easy and effective it is to reduce carbon footprint and improve health by giving up meat for just one day per week.


Green Monday Ambassador Programme

The Hong Kong Girl Guide Association is collaborating with social enterprise Green Monday to launch a “Green Monday Ambassador” programme, aiming at raising the Girl Guides’ awareness towards healthy eating and environmental protection.


This programme brings out how vegetarian diet positively impacts personal health and the planet from different perspectives, including nutritional values, global warming and use of earth resources. Then, by unveiling the current eating habits of most Hong Kong people, this programme encourages people to reduce food wastage and opt for “no shark fin”.


The second half of this programme leads Girl Guides to put the ideas of going green once a week, reduce food wastage and opt for “no shark fin” into action and share these messages with family, schoolmates and friends so as to create a green living environment together.


After completion of the syllabus (By using a booklet for Brownie and creating a logbook by Guide or Ranger), a badge will be awarded by the Guider and to be worn on the back of the sash as souvenir badge.


Brownie Section

Collect a booklet from the Programme Department for free, complete and present it to your Guider for collection of the "Green Monday Ambassador Certificate" and a cloth badge would be awarded.


Appointed Guiders may contact Programme Department for collection of booklet and cloth badges for free.


Guide and Ranger Section

Complete the challenges as listed from the syllabus of the "Green Monday Ambassador" for Guide and Ranger Section by preparing a logbook.  Appointed Guider may take the assessment for her girl and present the "Green Monday Ambassador Certificate" together with a cloth badge to the Guide or Ranger.


Appointed Guiders may contact Programme Department for collection of cloth badges for free.


Green Monday Ambassador - The syllabus for Guide and Ranger Sections

  1. Based on the food pyramid, list the food groups that are required for balanced vegetarian diet and design a healthy lunch based on these food groups.
  2. Explain how the livestock industry speeds up global warming
  3. Collect five types of food at home, mark down their origins and arrange them in descending order of food miles.
  4. Explain how the meat industry misuses earth resources, including land and water.
  5. Share your views and difficulties faced by going Green Monday for 3 months.
  6. Explain what is Green LUCK Banquet#.
  7. Design a poster and slogan based on the theme “Green LUCK Banquet”.
  8. Introduce Green Monday and Green LUCK Banquet to at least 4 family members and friends and collect their Green Monday pledges.(Download the Pledge)

# The aim of Green LUCK Banquet, which is launched by Green Monday, is to spread the banquet culture of “Treasuring food, no shark fin and provision of one vegetarian dish”.


Assessor's Qualification: An appointed Guider may take the assessment for her Unit.


The Badge

The cloth badge could be worn on the back of the sash as souvenir badge.


Green Monday Ambassador Certificate

Appointed Guiders may download the "Green Monday Ambassador Certificate" and issue to her girls after the assessment.


Note: It is suggested to print the certificate in white A5 papers, either in full color or Black and White.



Green Monday Ambassador Certificate

Green Monday Pledge



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