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According to the latest WAGGGS Educational Programme Resources "Prepared to Learn, Prepared to Lead" , we hope to equip girls with knowledge and skills they will need in today world through various trainings and activities. We want to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. "Programme Hints" serve as a channel to give Guiders some suggestions on Unit meetings and Girl Guiding activities, so Guiders can plan the activities and to enrich girls' guiding experience in an easier way. 


In each "Programme Hint", Learning Goals are listed, in which how the 5 Educational Methods (5M) are applied and the Life skills (6C) will be exhibited to enable girls to thrive in a rapidly changing world in the 21st Century. By then, girls can create a REAL Girl Guiding Experience and develop a sense of belonging in the Girl Guide Movement. (Learn more on Quality Guiding Experience)


Guiders are recommended to share Quality Guiding activities with us and make our guiding experience more fruitful!

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