International Day of the Girl 2023

11 October was declared International Day of the Girl (IDG) by the United Nations in 2012. Each year Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate IDG and use it as an opportunity to learn how to be advocates and make the world a better place by speaking out on the issues they care about and taking action in their communities.


This year, WAGGGS is using IDG celebrations to help girls develop the resilience needed to face the pressure and challenges of growing up in a changing world. With resilience, we can develop the confidence to be brave, to innovate, and can truly feel prepared to lead change in our communities. This IDG we're creating a brave space where girls can feel #PreparedToChangeTheWorld!



Resilience is our ability to cope with adversity, bounce back and grow through difficult or challenging life experiences. Being resilient requires a skill set that you can work on and grow over time. Resilience takes time, strength, and help from people around you.


#PreparedToChangeTheWorld Activity Pack 

Let's challenge ourselves this IDG to boost our resilience so we can all feel #PreparedToChangeTheWorld


Step 1:
Complete two challenges from the #PreparedToChangeTheWorld Activity Pack


Step 2:
Choose at least one resilience boosting activity to do together in your unit over the coming year


Step 3:
Speak out and share your resilience activity plan with others!


Download the IDG 2023 #PreparedToChangeTheWorld Activity Pack to learn more!



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Last Update Date: 2023-10-04