International Day of the Girl 2017

In 2012, the United Nations declared 11 October as the annual International Day of the Girl (IDG). It's a day to promote girls' human rights and tackle gender inequality, discrimination and the abuse suffered by girls around the world. WAGGGS has been part of IDG from the beginning, choosing a theme and providing tools to support WAGGGS Members to celebrate IDG, raise awareness about issues affecting girls, and increase the profile of the work our Movement does to empower girls in 146 countries around the world. 


United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education

The 17 new Global Goals were agreed by global leaders at the United Nations in 2015 to shape the future of the world, and bring countries together to continue the work started by the Millennium Development Goals. This year's focus is Global Goal 4: "Access to Education – to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all". A 90 minute programme created for WAGGGS members of all ages to discover more about the Global Goals, and build up your team to take action on the Goals you're passionate about.



Earn the #TeamGirl badge by completing four activities in the IDG 2017 Activity Pack!

1. Get Rights on their side

2. Mark the Barriers

3. Get set for Action

4. Shout out for Education!


Go #TeamGirl !


Download the IDG 2017 Activity Pack(Hong Kong Version) to learn more!


Download the "Pathway To Education" board game(Activity Pack P.14), learn new ways to tackle barriers to education and help girls to finish school!

 Download Color version/ Black and White version


Download the Letter Templates for Activity 4 TEAM GIRL Speaks Out!(Activity Pack P. 20-21), call on decision-makers to take action to improve the situation for girls and young women!

Letter template - For Local Decision Makers

Letter template - For International Organisations 


IDG 2017 #TeamGirl badge

Appointed Guiders may collect IDG 2017 #Team Girl Cloth Badge from HQs and award to their members who have completed the Challenges, by completing the Badge Collection Form and submit by post, fax, email or in person to the HKGGA Programme Department (8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon).


The cloth badge could be worn on the front of the sash as souvenir badge.



2359 6815 (Programme Department)

Last Update Date: 2017-11-29