Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee

Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee

Terms of Reference



1. To enhance communication among Golden Guide Groups.

2. To provide a platform for Group Leaders to share their experience

3. Organize Hong Kong wide functions for all Golden Guide Groups.


Membership :

One representative from each Golden Guide Group shall attend the Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee, who can be nominated by their Sponsoring Authority.


Committee members :

Commissioner-in-charge (Deputy Chief Commissioner and/or Assistant Chief Commissioner)

One Chairlady

One Vice-chairlady

One Secretary

Four Region Liaison Officers

Four Members

Headquarters Staff (In Attendance)


Terms of appointment :

1. The term of appointment shall be three years. All appointments will be confirmed by an appointment certificate signed by the Chief Commissioner. The Sponsoring Authority shall nominate one of their Group Leader for the election of “Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee”.  11 members shall be elected by Group Leaders. Positions shall be elected among its members.

2. Appointed members shall be eligible for re-election on the expiry of each term, but the total term of appointment for any continuous period for the Chairlady and Vice Chairlady shall not be more than two terms. Two months notice of resignation shall be given to Commissioner-in-charge, its vacancy shall be elected in the upcoming meeting.


Committee Meeting :

1. The Committee shall meet not less than three times a year.

2. The quorum of the Committee meetings shall not less than one third of the Committee members.

3. Any decision of Committee shall be approved by related Committee.

4. The Chairlady shall chair all Committee meetings. In her absence, the Vice-chairlady shall act as the Chairlady at such meeting.


Votes :

1. At any meeting of the Committee, each Commissioner and Committee members shall be entitled to one vote on each matter.

2. In the case of any equality of votes, the Commissioner-in-charge shall have one casting vote.






-Act as a bridge between Committee and the Association and external affairs

-To attend Committee meeting; to advise and monitor the operation of Committee

-To approve minutes and report of Committee

-Act as the final decision maker


-To convene and chair the Committee meeting

- To set meeting agenda

- Act as a Coordinator among members

- To report to Commissioner-in-charge


- To assist the Chairlady in the operation of Committee


- To manage the internal and external correspondence of the  Committee

- To prepare and record the agenda and minutes for the Committee members

- To collate activities information for the Committee such as contact list or correspondence etc.

Region Liaison Officers

- To liaise with Group Leaders in the designated region.


- To assist the implementation of Committee affairs and activities


Committee Metal Badge:

A metal badge will be given to the members of Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee to strengthen their sense of belongings and recognize their contribution to the Golden Guide field.




2021-2024 Golden Guide Groups Activities Organizing Committee


Ms Amy Yeung, Deputy Chief Commissioner (Membership Development)

Ms Grace Tam , Assistant Chief Commissioner (Membership Development)

Chairman Ms Fok Kin Ming
Vice-chairman Ms Chan Lai Kwan, Abby
Secretary Ms Chan Wai Man, Irene
Region Liaison Officers

Ms Fok Chui See, Tracy (Island Region)
Ms Lam Choy Luen, Doris (Kowloon Region)
Ms Cheung Chor Luen, Mandy (NT Region-North West)

Ms Feng Haiyan (NT Region-South East and Outlying Islands)


Ms Wong Sui Yi, Polly

Ms Au Kwai Hung, Bessie

Staff in attendance

Mrs Kelly Leung, Senior Executive

Ms Elisa Lee, Senior Project Officer

Ms Hang Yi Yeung, Assistant Project Officer



Last Update Date: 2022-09-01