Kwun Tong Division Units

Kwun Tong Division has 69 units totally in the following section, include:

  • Happy Bee Hive 
  • Brownie
  • Guide
  • Ranger
  • Golden Guide


  1. Shun Lee District has the following units:

Brownie Pack4 units

25 EK Pack A/Lok Wah Catholic Primary School 

25 EK Pack B/Lok Wah Catholic Primary School 

72 EK Pack/The MC of CCC Kei Shun Special School

124 EK Pack/Carmel Leung Sing Tak School


Guide Company4 units

72 EK Coy/C.C.C. Kei Shun Special School

81 EK Coy/Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

91 EK Coy/Kwun Tong Government Secondary School

137 EK Coy/Mental Health Association of HK - Shun Tin Centre


  1. Ngau Tau Kok District has the following units: (Remark:*Open Unit: 3 units

Brownie Pack: 7 units

12 EKPack A / S.K.H. Kei Hin Primary School

*18 EK Pack/St. John The Baptist Parish

87 EK Pack B/S.K.H Kei Lok Primary School

88 EK Pack B/Lok Sin Tong Yeung Chung Ming Primary School

156 EK Pack/St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

159 EK Pack/Hong Kong Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School

    168 EK Pack/Man Kiu Association Primary School


Guide Company: 4 units

  13 EK Coy/St. Catharine's School For Girls

* 18 EK Coy/St. John The Baptist Parish

  21 EK Coy A/Ning Po College

  136 EK Coy/Fukien Secondary School


Ranger: 1 unit

 *18 EK RGSU/St. John The Baptist Parish


  1. Kowloon Bay District has the following units(Remark:*Open Unit: 2 units

Brownie Pack:6 units

1 EK Pack A/Ping Shek Estate Catholic Primary School

54 EK Pack/S.K.H. Holy Cross Primary School

*62 EK Pack/The Friends of Scouting Jockey Club Kai Yip Service Centre for C&Y

129 EK Pack/Bishop Paschang Catholic School

144 EK Pack/Kowloon Bay St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

    169 EK Pack/P.L.K. Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School


Guide Company:4 Units

*62 EK Coy/The Friends of Scouting Jockey Club Kai Yip Service Centre for C&Y

84 EK Coy/Cognitio College (Kowloon)

   92 EK Coy/HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

   130 EK Coy/Maryknoll Secondary School


  4. Sau Mau Ping District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 2 units

Brownie Pack: 8 units

 41 EK Pack/CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong) 

    66 EK Pack/ S.K.H. St.John's Tsang Shiu Tim Primary School

*78 EK Pack/Chinese YMCA Kwun Tong Centre

    109 EK Pack/Kwun Tong Government Primary School (Sau Ming Road)

135 EK Pack/St. Matthew's Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping) 

147 EK Pack/ Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School

   172 EK Pack/Our Lady of China Catholic Primary School

   173 EK Pack/The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School


Guide Company: 6 units

48 EK Coy/Leung Shek Chee College

*78 EK Coy/Chinese YMCA Kwun Tong Centre

93 EK Coy/The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad College

140 EK Coy/NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College

   170 EK Coy/HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School

   171 EK Coy/CCC Kei Chi Secondary School


  5. Yau Tong District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 2 units

Brownie Pack:8 units

15 EK Pack/St. Edward's Catholic Primary School

*52 EK Pack/Chinese YMCA Lam Tin Centre

112 EK Pack/SKH Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

134 EK Pack/Lam Tin Methodist Primary School

141 EK Pack A/SKH Tak Tin Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

141 EK Pack B/SKH Tak Tin Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

153 EK Pack/SKH Yautong Kei Hin Primary School

163 EK Pack/Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School


Guide Company6 units

23 EK Coy/St Paul's School (Lam Tin)

26 EK Coy/St Antonius Girls' College

38 EK Coy/ S.K.H. Kei Hau Secondary School

*52 EK Coy/Chinese YMCA Lam Tin Centre

131 EK Coy/Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School

146 EK Coy/FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary School


Happy Bee Hive10 units

14 KLN HBH/ Lam Tin Ling Liang Kindergarten

39 KLN HBH/ C.A.S.M.P. Chen Lee Wing Tsing Kindergarten

49 KLN HBH/ Pok Oi Hospital Chan Hsu Fung Lam Kindergarten Day       Nursery

56 KLN HBH/ SKH. St. Barnabas' Church Kindergarten

57 KLN HBH/ Caritas Nursery School - Lei Yue Mun

66 KLN HBH/ Caritas Nursery School - Yau Tong

71 KLN HBH/ Po Leung Kuk Kwun Tong Kindergarten-cum-Nursery

81 KLN HBH/ Shin Yat Tong On Yat Kindergarten

85 KLN HBH/ Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service Happy Learning Assessment and Training Centre

93 KLN HBH/ TWGHs Wong See Sum Kindergarten


Golden Guide : 1 unit

Golden Guide Group─Christian & Missionary Alliance Yau Lai Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

Last Update Date: 2021-12-06