Girl Guides Management System (GGMS) Recognition Scheme 

*Girl Guides Management System (GGMS) Recognition Scheme has been extended to 31st May 2022, all members are welcome to join! 


The project team has worked out the following schemes in order to engage our members in the GGMS: 


1.    Be a “GGMS Smart User” 

Girl Guide Member to complete the following task by 31st May 2022 will be awarded a “GGMS Smart User” Cloth Badge.


If the user is Brownie, Guide, Ranger, Happy Bees or Golden Guide, start with ‘i”; if the user is adult member, start with “ii”
i.      Guider to add the member in her unit
ii.     User to login and follow the instruction to change the password
iii.    User to update the personal profile
iv.    User to apply a “GGMS task” via GGMS-OCRS : GGMS Task Link
v.    Task completed


Cloth Badge Design:

Brownies and Guides : the badge can be worn on the back of sash.


2.    Be a “GGMS Smart Association”

To increase willingness of Members from RA and DA to login the GGMS, a certification of Be a “GGMS Smart Association”will be awarded to those Associations that have 70% members login the system by 31st May 2022.


3. Be a “GGMS Smart Pilot Unit” 

We have invited 50 units from Divisions as Pilot Units to help to evaluate the feasibility, time, risk, performance of the GGMS in 2019 before the system formally roll out.  To recognize their contribution, it is suggested to give a metal pin to all members of the Pilot Units once the units have met the following requirement by 31st May 2022:


i.    Guider to update Unit Profile and add their members in the GGMS and also complete one of the following:
  (i)     Unit Annual Registration and Membership Census
  (ii)    Invited Assessors Scheme
ii.     Unit to run a sharing session to show how to use the basic function of the GGMS with at least one unit
iii.    Guider & member to login, follow the instruction to change the password, update the personal profile and to apply a “GGMS task” via GGMS-OCRS perform


Design of the Metal Pin:

The pin can be worn on the right chest of the Uniform or the front of the sash.


Login GGMS :

Last Update Date: 2022-03-22