Dragon Boat Team 2022 Recruitment

HKGGA Dragon Boat Team 2022 Recruitment

All dragon boat team training resumed normal as the COVID-19 situation are getting better, if you are interested to join the team, please submit your details to the online form, we will release the application & training details once resume normal.


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If you are interested in dragon boating, adventure, challenging, physical training, then don't miss this chance! Team up with your Guiding friends now!


  1. Girl Guides member who aged over 12 or Trefoil Guild member;
  2. Able to join our regular training (At least twice a month and pre-match training) 
  3. Willing to represent HKGGA and participate in Dragon Boat competitions
  4. Willing to join the water test or Water Test Certificate holder (issued by HKGGA) /Bronze Medallion or above / Brownies or Guides Swimming (Stage I) (issued by HKGGA)/ Swimming (Stage II) (issued by HKGGA)


Entry fee:

New member:$350

Renew membership:$300

(Includes: coach fee, rental fee, routine training, insurance, team T-shirt*, record book*, race fee and admin fee)

*Except renew membership 


If you do not hold any Water Test Certificate /Bronze Medallion / Swimming (Stage I) / Swimming (Stage II), you MUST participate in one of the following dates. You will become a team member once you pass the test.


 Water Test/ Swimming Assessment Dates










Water Test Content

I. Swim 50 metres in any style.

II. Tread water for 1 minute.

III. Dive and swim 3 metres. (The whole body should be below the water surface.)


Application method: Please contact Dragon Boat Team at development@hkgga.org.hk, Tel: 2332 5523 (Ext: 824)


Deadline :Pending


Last Update Date: 2022-03-23