[Deadline extended to 6/1/2020] GIS (Geographic Information System) Tutor Workshop

Event Dates: 
Application Deadline: 

GIS (Geographic Information System) Tutor Workshop [Deadline extended to 6/1/2020]

(Note: the workshop would be conducted in Cantonese)


Learning Objectives:

- To understand the Technology aspect of STEAM

- To learn abour Geographic Information System and develop related interest


Programme Content:

GIS, which is Geographic Information System,is an intelligent language of Geography. It collects, integrates, enriches analyzes and displays information. With GIS, we can explore the fundamental element of Geography and undertand the importance of location to people's lives. After being a GIS Tutor, you will share the knowledge to other guiding members and their families, in order to let them learn about Geographic Information System for future development. The workshop is proivided by Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited. Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited is the premier Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping solutions provider in Hong Kong and Macao.


What is GIS?



12 January 2020 (Sunday)



10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.



Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Headquarter



Ranger Guide and Guider




(This will be the deposit and given back to the participant after attending the workshop.)



30 people in total


Deadline for application:

6 January 2020 (Monday)


Points to note before apply:

  1. Only cheque payment is accepted. The cheque will be given back to the participant after attending the workshop.
  2. pplication without application form or payment will be regarded as unsuccessfully and will not be accepted.
  3. Once the participants finished the worshop, they must assist in teaching at least one STEAM workshop organised by HKGGA.
  4. Once your application is accepted, reimbursement will not be entertained except cancellation of class due to bad weather arrangement.
  5.  Participants should stay tuned for our website update for application result and activity reminder.


Application method:

Applications form and fee should be submitted by Post or In-Person to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Programme Department. (Address: 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong) on or before 6 January 2020 (Monday). Only cheque payment is accepted (payable to: The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association).



2359 6815 (Joey Cham)


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