Kwun Tong Division Environmental Protection Badge Workshop (Brownie Section)

Event Dates: 
2024/04/14 to 2024/04/28
Application Deadline: 


In order to enable Brownies to have a basic understanding and principles of environmental protection, understand the impact of individuals and society on the environment, practice it in daily life, and establish a sustainable lifestyle, so that they can become citizens who care about the environment and respect natural resources.


14 Apirl 2024 (Sun)

28 Apirl 2024 (Sun)


9:00 am. to 5:00 pm. (please check in early at 8:45 am.)

Event Location:

SKH Kei Hin Primary School ( Address: Upper Estate, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon.)


Enrolled Brownies in Kwun Tong Division (Participants must be aged 8 or above)


Outdoor uniform


HKD 10 per person

  1. The tour bus fee is included. The class on 14/4/2024 (Sunday) will be arranged to go to Clear Water Bay Beach Cleaning and take a tour bus there.
  2. The class on 28/4/2024 (Sunday) will arrange an outing (Green in Kwun Tong). Please bring a value-added Octopus for transportation expenses (approximately $20).


30 people (5 main candidates and 5 reserves for each team)

(Please register first for backup, but no payment is required for now. If accepted, payment will be made after notification)

*Limited places, first come first served


How to apply:


This event requires a GGMS account to log in to the system to register and complete the payment process.

1. Online registration: Please Click Here


Guiders are asked to complete the online registration.  If you have not opened a GGMS account, please go to the following web page to register:

After submitting the registration, you can contact the association staff to expedite the processing process.


Relevant notices can also be downloaded by clicking here

Expiration Date:

Postponed to 25 March 2024 (Mon)


  1. Each participant must fill in the "Parent/Guardian Consent Form" and submit it together with the parent/guardian consent form when each leader submits the GGMS registration form.
  2. Must attend the two-day class, including beach cleaning and visiting activities.
  3. Participants need to bring their own lunch and water. Lunch time is from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.
  4. This event does not accept registration by phone, email or fax. All registrations are subject to receipt by GGMS.  Once registration is accepted, no refunds are allowed.
  5. If there are any changes, the final announcement of the conference shall prevail.
  6. Once the registration is accepted, the name of the participant cannot be changed. Unless the event is canceled due to bad weather or insufficient number of registrations, the money paid will not be refunded.
  7. Sign up to participate in the activities of the "Environmental Protection Badge Seminar" (including beach cleaning and visits). The registration results will be announced through GGMS on 28/3. Leaders are requested to browse the admission list on the association's website.  If not accepted, no further notice will be given.
  8. An event memo will be emailed to leaders one week before the event. Please make sure the email address is correct and check it on time.

Adverse weather arrangements:


  1. Severe weather contingency measures: If the Observatory still hoists No. 1 typhoon signal, No. 3 typhoon signal, yellow rainstorm warning and thunderstorm warning two hours before the event day, the event will be held as usual; red, black rainstorm warning and No. 8 typhoon signal or above will be held. , the event will be postponed or cancelled.  If the event is in progress, participants will be arranged to stay in a safe place until the warning is lifted.  For weather information, please refer to the weather report issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.  For details, please refer to the event safety rules and guidelines:


Inquiry: If you have any questions, please contact the District Commissioner. You can also contact the regional staff member Ms. Lau (Sammi) at 2359 6883 during office hours.


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Last Update Date: 2024-04-11