HKGGA new website is launched!

HKGGA new website is launched!


Our website has been revamped according to feedback of members, marking another milestone for Hong Kong Girl Guides Centenary. We hope to provide members and public an user friendly and modern online platform. The migration to new website during initial stage may not be perfect, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Key features on new website:


1) Re-arrangement of information, related information are placed at same place, categorised by membership category, details as follows:


News - all news listing on the same page, could be filtered by relevant sections, regions/divisions or searched by keywords


Events - all events listing on the same page, could be filtered by relevant sections, regions/divisions, type, or searched by keywords. Event start dates are also highlighted in the calendar view, and could be ordered by start date, posting date and deadline. Please note that acceptance list is placed on the detailed page of respective event.


Projects - include all project details, respective news and event details to be assessed on news or event pages


Resources - all resources such as forms, guidelines, programme hints...etc are shown on same listing page, relevant information are re-arranged to be shown together. Resources could be filtered by relevant sections and categories, or searched by keywords. Programme hints on previous website are being migrated to new website.


Other information are re-arranged and updated such as About Us, Join Us, Member Area, Photo Album, Support Us, Campsite and centres.


2) Mobile and tablet friendly


3) Switch between English and Chinese by one-click


4) Website keyword search - support title, keyword search 


5) Social media sharing - one-click share on Facebook

Last Update Date: 2016-09-19