Frequently Asked Question

*FAQ will continue to be updated*



1) Which browser should be used to browse GGMS?
Answer: It is recommended to use Google Chrome on a computer to achieve the best browsing effect. For mobile devices, Chrome for Mobile is recommended.
Since Microsoft has terminated support for Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and older versions, it is not recommended to use any version of IE to login.


2) Reminder: You need to select "Accept" when you login for the first time, otherwise you cannot login to GGMS.



1) What to do for under 13 years old members who do not have a personal email address to login GGMS?
Answer: It is recommended that the members use their parents' email addresses, or their parents can create one for them. When the girls are 14 years old, they can create their own email addresses and change the personal email address in the system. Furthermore, each school has different policies, therefore it is not recommended to use school email. 


2) Why can't the Guider/Leader check the members’ personal qualifications? 
Answer: As the personal qualification is not the Guiders/Leaders must-have-to-know information, therefore it does not open to the Guider/Leader to check. 


3) Why does the system use "minutes" instead of "hours" to calculate service hours?
Answer: The system will calculate the “actual” service hours from the services that the members participate in, it is more appropriate to calculate in "minutes".


4) Why do the status of Pack Holiday License, Hong Kong Holiday Permit, and Camper's License show “Expired” in the Qualifications List?
Answer: If the holders fail to meet the conditions to endorse the qualifications, those qualifications will be shown as expired. The system will update the status automatically based on the activity records of the holder.


5) How the past personal progress (which is not stored in the previous membership system, such as old records of participation in overseas activities and progress of Leadership Training Scheme, etc.) can be updated in GGMS?
Answer: The records registered through the Online Course Registration System (OCRS) will be converted to members’ profiles through data transfer; since the Association only keeps records for the past 7 years, the training records for 2013-2015 will be entered into the system manually. In addition, the Association will be arranged to enter the relevant Holiday and Camp records from 2013 to 2020 into the system.


6) The system will store members’ personal data. How does the Association protect privacy?
Answer: Personal information has been divided into two parts: sensitive information and basic information. Sensitive information only for members to edit and read, and Guider/Leaders can only read the basic information of their members.



1) Who can edit the Unit Profile?
Answer: Some Commissioners, Guiders and Leaders reflected that Guiders/Leaders in units have division of labor, therefore the system allows all appointed Guiders/Leaders or Guider-in-charge(GIC)/Leaders-in-charge(LIC) to update the unit profile.


2) How many GIC/LIC, assistant guiders/leaders and unit assistants each unit have?
Answer: Each unit has one GIC/LIC ONLY, and there is no limit to the number of assistant guiders/leaders and unit assistants. Unit assistants are the adult members who do not have an Appointment for specific section. Even they already got the appointment for Guiders/Leaders of other section.


3) What Guiders/Leaders can do if they find any incorrect information in their personal data/history?
Answer: Please check with the staff of the Regional Development Department/Affiliated Membership Department to follow up.


4) I am the GIC, but the system shows that I am the Assistant Guider. Why?
Answer: The information in the GGMS is based on the submission of "Unit Annual Registration and Membership Census Form". If the Guider/Leader finds that the information is incorrect, please check with the staff of Regional Development Department/Affiliated Membership Department. They will check up the records and follow up.


5) Why does the start date or the date of establishment in Unit Profile shown as “1900-01-01”? 
Answer: The start date or the date of establishment of some units could no longer be found, therefore the system shows as “1900-01-01”. If the Certificate of registration or the letter issued by the Association shows the relevant dates could be found, please contact and submit the copies to the Regional Development Department/Affiliated Membership Department, our staff will notify the Membership Service Office to update the unit record. If there is any other information that might have related to your unit, you can also submit to the related departments and may have to seek approval from Management Committee. 


6) Can Guiders/Leaders export the meeting attendance list, Unit Outing Reminder record and members’ profiles? If the unit planned to go outing/participate in activities, they need to submit the list to SA for the record. Guiders/Leaders also need to submit proofs when members participate in other activities. It would be more convenient if the system has these functions.
Answer: This feature is not available now, and the Association will see if it is worth adding to the system. 


7) Can Guider/Leader import the current member list and information into the system at one time? It is because some Guiders/Leaders may have more than one unit and many members, it is better if the Association could help to Guiders/Leaders import members’ basic information, such as email/name/contact.
Answer: Each GGMS member must use the email address or membership number as a login account. The Association is currently collecting members’ emails from the Guiders/Leaders via the “Unit Annual Registration and Membership Census " and submit relevant information on or before 24th February 2021, therefore the Association can import the list in the system.


8) Will the system show attendance records of past events?
Answer: After the upcoming update, the system can synchronize the OCRS record with GGMS. However, there are still some records that cannot be synchronized: events had special rewards/funding, free events, registered by unit. Guiders/Leaders can contact relevant departments to update the activity records.


9) Is an email address necessary for adding members?
Answer: Yes


10) When the Guider/Leader using the "Add Member" function to add members into the system, will the member be notified?
Answer: Yes. Please note that the Association is still investigating the process for Guiders/Leaders to update members’ progress. It is recommended that the members try to update their personal information first.


11) If a new member is from another unit (not fly-up), what process should be done?
Answer: This member can be added to the "Uniform Member" List ("Members" tab of "Unit Profile"). It is recommended that Guiders/Leaders should update the status of members regularly to ensure the accuracy of the information.


12) Unit meetings are held regularly, can the system set a series of regular meetings schedule?
Answer: As the system will send emails to remind members to attend the unit meeting when Guiders/Leaders had been set up the meeting, therefore it is not recommended to set several meeting dates at once.

13) Will the members’ award be listed in the "Unit Profile"?
Answer: No, members’ awards would be shown in member’s profiles. But Guiders/Leaders can search for the members who have related awards by the "Advanced Member Search" Function.


14) Some Guiders hold certain qualifications may assess the related badges for their own unit members. Would the system also allow to do so?
Answer: Some online processes are still under design, this online process will be available later.


15) How do Guiders submit a “special invited badge assessors program” application for the SA?
Answer: Only GIC can apply for the program via "Sponsorship Authority"(“Basic Information” of “Unit Profile”) between September to December every year.
If the unit has applied for program, Guider can choose to the assessment assess by special invited assessor in “Badge Assessment Record Form” (We are still waiting for the contractor to confirm the progress).



1) Why there is no submission deadline for forms, e.g. Holiday Camp / Camping Declaration Form (PD-07)?
Answer: Since we want to retain flexibility and Guiders can make arrangements for unexpected issues, there is no deadline for submission in the system. However, Guiders/Leaders are reminded that those kinds of submissions may not be approved.


Password Requirement/Password Lockout


Password Requirement

Password must include three out of four of the following and a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 16 characters

  • Uppercase characters (A-Z)
  • Lowercase characters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Symbols ( e.g. ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) )

Password must be unique and cannot be re-used


Password Lockout

  • System allows a maximum of 5 times login retry. After 4th retry, you will be redirected to Forget Password Page to obtain a new password. After 5th retry, your account will be locked for 2 hours.
  • If you are redirected to Forget Password Page, you may provide membership number or email and click Send button. You will receive an email notification shortly if the membership number or email you provided is correct and registered in the system.
Last Update Date: 2021-05-07