World Thinking Day 2018


In 2014, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts set out the triennial strategic theme: "Connect - Grow - Impact".  In the past two years, we took "Connect" and "Grow" respectively as the theme in celebrating the World Thinking Day (WTD).


World Thinking Day 2018 is completing this triennium theme, by celebrating the "Impact" that the Movement has on the lives of our members and their communities.



Download the World Thinking Day 2018 Activity Pack and discover this year's challenge!


Earn your World Thinking Day 2018 Badge by completing one activity from each of the below four sections:

1.  The Flame: understand what “Impact” means for you, your friends and our movement

2.  Two Stars: practise all the skills and abilities you need to bring a positive change and a meaningful impact to others

3.  The Compass: start planning and implementing the change you would like to create in your community, bringing “Impact” to your community as well as the world

4.  The Trefoil leaves: create a global Impact mosaic to mark your impact


Do you know what shape we get if we add the four elements from the sections of this year's World Thinking Day pack? It's our World Trefoil!



Earn your badge now!

Members can get the "World Thinking Day 2018 Souvenir Badge" upon completion of World Thinking Day Challenge from the Activity Pack:

Brownie and Guide: a cloth badge could be worn on the front of the sash, or on either side of the sleeves of the uniform.

The badge could be worn until 31st August 2019.

Remark: Ranger and Adult Member could not wear this cloth badge on the uniform




World Thinking Day 2018 Souvenir Cloth Badge

Limited Stock is now available at Guide Shop.  Get your badges now!

Remark: For Members who have registered for pre-order, you have no more previlage to purchase the badge.  Please buy at the Guide Shop by walk-in.


Sending out Thinking Day Fund

If your units have raised money for the World Thinking Day Fund, you can send your donations to WAGGGS through our association. Please download the Appeal Letter for Thinking Day Fund and submit to: Region Operations Section, Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon.


Claim your World Thinking Day Fund Certificate

Thank you for supporting fellow Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Guiders can download the World Thinking Day Fund Certificate here and present to your members.

Last Update Date: 2019-01-15