World Thinking Day 2024


Welcome to the World Thinking Day 2024 activity pack: Our World, Our Thriving Future.


On International Day of the Girl 2020, WAGGGS asked Girl Guides and Girl Scouts under 18 from 100 countries what issues they were most concerned about and what they wanted to change about the world. From this data, we learnt that the number one worry is the environment.


And so, the World Thinking Day theme from 2022-2024 will be ‘Our World, Our Future’. This year’s WTD Is the final year of a three-year journey for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to become environmentally conscious leaders.


Each year we will build on this environmental theme and explore the links between the environment and other global concerns. In 2024, we are looking at our impact on the environment and the resources that we use.


Earning your World Thinking Day 2024 badge:

Step 1:
Create a Brave Space


Step 2:
Complete one activity per section
Environmental Knowledge
Environmental Skills
Our Thriving Future


Step 3:
Participate our last activity and share your “thriving future” picture with WAGGGS 


Members can wear the World Thinking Day 2024 badge or pin upon completion of the World Thinking Day 2024 activity pack challenges.

Section Eligible to wear on the uniform Where to wear
Brownies and Girl Guides Cloth Badge On the front of the sash or on either sleeve of the uniform

Rangers, Guiders and Adult Members Members

Pin On the right chest of the uniform

The badge or pin could be worn until 31st August 2025.


Latest News

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Girl Guides follow a journey through our World Thinking Day themes from 2022 to 2024.
2022: Our World, Our Equal Future
The environment and gender equality


2023: Our World, Our Peaceful Future
The environment and peace


2024: Our World, Our Thrining Future
The environment and global poverty


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