[Uniform Recycle Campaign] - Donation and Application of the Recycled Uniform

[Uniform Recycle Campaign] - Donation and Application of the Recycled Uniform


Due to the overwhelming response to the Uniform Recycle Campaign carried out at the Annual Parade 2018, and inquiries have been received about the event from time to time.

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to continue the campaign this year!

Donation or application for the uniforms is welcomed. Details are as follows:


A. Uniform Donation

Guidance Notes

  • Uniform donation from different membership categories, including Happy Bee, Brownie Guide, Girl Guide, Ranger Guide, Golden Guide and Guider are all welcome.
  • Recycled uniform must be in good condition and stainless. (At least 70% new). Please pack the recycled uniform in plastic bags after cleaning. (Damaged or lack of buttons uniform is not recommended)
  • Fill in the Uniform Donation Form for record.
  • Uniforms should be cleaned and packed, and hand to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association 1/F office (8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon) during the office hour (Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:45pm)
  • Commemorative tape or sticker will be given to participants immediately after the donation.




  • Commemorative tapes or stickers will be given to participants who drop off uniform or other accessories.
  • Definition of Uniform (For different membership categories)
    • Uniform Dress, Outdoor Uniform (Long- /Short- Sleeve), Blouse, Vest, Shorts/Pants, Skirt and Jacket
  • Definition of Accessories (For different membership categories)
    • Belt, Hat, Scarf, Shoulder badge and Purse etc.






B. Application of the Recycled Uniform

Guidance Notes

  • Girl Guides who in need can apply for the recycled uniform through Guiders by Unit.
  • Application form for individual should be completed by girl guides and hand it to guider. Please indicate clearly the required size and quantity.
  • Application form for Unit should be completed by guiders. All completed application forms (both for Unit and Individual) should be submitted to 1/F Membership Development Department, The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong by post; by Fax: 2782-6466 or by email to development@hkgga.org.hk
  • Application for the recycled uniform will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. The amount of the available recycled uniforms depends on the quantity of collected.
  • Membership Development Department will notify Units by email once uniforms are ready to be collected at Headquarter of The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.
  • It is free of charge to collect the recycled uniform. All recycled uniforms must be collected at the Headquarter of The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.  


  • Application Form for Unit (Download)

  • Application Form for Individual (Download)


C. Enquiry

Development Department

Tel: 2359-6824



Last Update Date: 2023-02-07