Invited Badge Assessor Scheme 2022/2023

Invited Badge Assessor Scheme 2022/2023 is available for registration now. Registration deadline: 31 December 2022.


Staring from 1 Sept 2022, as GGMS is starting to use, guiders can edit Invited Badge Assessor Scheme via GGMS under""Sponsoring Authority Management" . If there is no change from the Sponsoring Authority, guiders do not need to submit the application form, expect: 


1) New registration OR,

2) Change of Invited Badge Assessor OR,

3) Cancel the registration


Application Form:Download

Introduction of Invited Badge Assessor Scheme:Download


We highly recommend guiders to submit the form via GGMS. Please login and click "Sponsoring Authority Management" > "Sponsoring Authority List" and choose your SA in the list. Click "Invited Badge Assessor Scheme" Tab under the page of "Sponsoring Authority Profile". "Add" the Invited Badge Assessor and select the badge by clicking "+".


Guiders can edit their profile such as adding or removing the badges, adding the resignation date etc.






Last Update Date: 2022-10-14