Eight Point Programme

Eight Point Programme are basic elements of Ranger Activities.

According to different ages and needs, the wordings would be slightly different:

  • Relationships with People
  • Character
  • Readiness and Ability to Serve Others
  • Enjoyment of the Out-of-Doors
  • Creative Ability
  • Homecraft Skill
  • Physical Fitness
  • Mind


Promise and Law

Guiding Movement is fun. With various activities, Girls learn and explore a variety of life experience, learn to judge for right and wrong, cultivate thinking skills and discover personal potential. This is all laid by the Promise set by our founder Lord Baden-Powell. Every Girl Guide or Girl Scout around the world must keep this in mind and to follow for life.

As a cosmopolitan society, Girls in Hong Kong could choose from the below wordings for their promises:-

Ranger Guide Promise

I promise to do my best, to be true to myself, my God / Faith*, and my country / the country in which I live#, to help others, and to keep the Guide Law.

Note: *Choose either the word God or the word faith according to her personal convictions # for non-Chinese nationals residing in Hong Kong Special Administration Region


Ranger Guide Law

As a Ranger Guide

  • I will be reliable, honest and trustworthy
  • I will use my resources wisely and help others
  • I will be true to myself and respect the opinion of others
  • I will face challenges and learn from my experiences
  • I will care for nature and all living things
  • I will be friendly and a sister to all Guides




Last Update Date: 2020-08-27