The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant "Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Project” — “Make A Difference” Community Service Project (Unit Level)

 2019-2020“Make A Difference”Community Service Project (Unit Level) is now open for application!


Purpose of the “Make A Difference” Community Service Project (Unit Level)

  • Through organising volunteer activities, Girl Guides will understand the needs of the community and the vulnerable groups. During the event, they will cooperate with each other, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and share their learning experiences , thus cohesively building a caring and harmonious community.
  • The staff of the Affiliated Members Department will work with the Guiders/Leaders to organise the service project of the Unit. So, they will be easier and more flexible in designing the service project. Meanwhile, Guide members will be able to enjoy the fun of participating in community service.



 Happy Bee Hives, Brownie Packs, Guide Companies, Ranger Units, Golden Guide Groups


Note:The activity must be held between April of the year and February of the following year.


(Unit Level) Downloads

For details of the application, please refer to the Application Guidelines

Form 1—(Unit Level) Letter of Intent:   PDF File    Word File    (Letter of Intent must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the activity)

Form 2—(Unit Level) Application Form: PDF File    Word File    (Application form must be submitted at least 1 month before the activity)



  • Please contact the staff of the Affiliated Members Department:

Assistant Project Officer—Ms Gigi Lau   Tel: 2359 6887     Email:

Senior Project Officer—Ms Elisa Lee      Tel: 2359 6813     Email:

Last Update Date: 2019-05-27