The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant "Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Project" 2023-2026


Special Outing




"Moving with the times, living in the new normal"



Not only can Guiding members delight in special outing, members from other sections can also interact with Golden Guides. Through intergenerational visiting and exploring, Guiding members are allowed to develop intergenerational harmony, learning how to get along with the senior as well as how to develop team spirits and mutual care. Accordingly, communication and understanding among new generations and the elderly can be strengthened, promoting intergenerational cohesiveness and responsible citizenship.


Target Groups

Brownies (aged 8 or above) , Girl Guides, Rangers and Golden Guides (aged 80 or below)



Heritage Tour in Lau Shui Heung / Kam Tin [CPG23-24/OUT01]
Date 28/10/2023 (Sat)
Time 8:45 am (Meet up) | 5:00 pm (Dismissal)
Location Lau Shui Heung / Kam Tin
Application Deadline 05/10/2023 (Thur)


Please refer to the circulars for details and application terms & conditions. 



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Project Souvenir Badge


Participants who have completed the activity will be given a souvenir badge and a certificate of attendance . 



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