Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant “Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Project” 2023-2026


 “Free 3”Generations Day Camp



Project Theme

"Moving with the times, living in the new normal"



Special arrangements have been made for Happy Bee and their parents to form a cross-generational group with Golden Guide to participate in the day camp activities. Participants in different generations can not only enjoy games, but also interact through cross-generational games and develop team spirit with diverse age groups. Besides, they can learn to help and love each other. Participants are encouraged to communicate between the new generation and the elders, to create inter-generational harmony.



Free 3 Generation Day Camp [CPG23-24/3Camp01]
Date 10/12/2023 (Sunday)
Time 10am - 3:30pm
Venue Sandilands Centre
Application Deadline 8/11/2023 (Wednesday)

*Language: Activity will be conducted in Cantonese.


Please refer to the circular for details and application terms & conditions.

Circular Download
Application Form Happy Bee Hive | Golden Guide
Consent Form Download
Acceptance List Download
Reminder Download


Project Souvenir Badge

Participants who have completed the activity will be given a souvenir badge and a certificate of attendance. 



Please contact the staff of the Affiliated Members Department (AMD):   

Tel : 2359 6886      Email : amd@hkgga.org.hk


Last Update Date: 2023-11-21